The BARC Collections

The Keith Manchester Lab.

The Keith Manchester Lab.

The collections of human remains curated in the BARC are large, varied, and cover a considerable time span from the Neolithic to the 19th century. It is the largest collection of human skeletal remains held within an archaeology department in the UK. Most of our collections come from England, and were excavated by different field units or research projects as a result of the planning process. Further information about some of the sites, including case studies of interesting individuals, can be found via the links.





Post Medieval:

International Collections:

In addition, small numbers of skeletons or skeletal elements from many different archaeological sites are curated at the BARC. Most of these have interesting pathological conditions, and are used extensively in our teaching and research.

The skeletal collections held by the BARC are continuously added to with populations coming to the laboratory for analysis on a contractual basis, many of which are returned to archaeological contractors following analysis.

* On loan from the Hull and East Riding Museum
** On loan from Gloucester City Council Heritage and Museums Service
***On loan from Chichester District Museum

Last Updated:24 June 2011